Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wearing Wigs As A Natural Hair Protective Style

Drew lace front Wig by Beshe

Wearing a wig has gone from being something you do when you have a bad hair day to a frequently used option to try out new styles, change your look & have fun without permanently changing your own hair.  In the natural hair community, wearing wigs is seen as a great low cost, quick protective style.  While that is true, we also wanted to share some tips for keeping your own hair healthy underneath your glamorous coif.  

1.  Make sure you keep your own hair cleansed, conditioned, and moisturized underneath your wig.  Just because your hair isn't exposed to the elements while you're wearing your wig doesn't mean that it won't need to be cared for.  Make sure you are maintaining your regular hair cleansing regimen even while your hair is under your wig.

2. Either twist, cornrow, or braid your own hair underneath.  Not only will this provide a flat foundation for your wig but it but will also prevent your own hair from tangling under the wig. You can actually moisturize your hair in the braids or twists by misting your hair with a moisturizing spray.

3. Watch out for your edges!  The friction from your wig can actually rub out the fragile hair on your edges.  Make sure you wear a stocking cap or wig cap underneath your wig.  Also, if possible eliminate the use of tape for your lace front wigs. 

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