Monday, July 2, 2012

Answering Your Questions: Making a Style Last Until My Appt.

Recently, we reached out to you on Facebook and asked you to provide us with some ideas of things that you wanted to read about and you responded with some excellent questions!  Each week we will feature one question and respond with a blog post featuring that question.

This week's question comes from Ms. Cessaly Cheatham.  She asks:  What are some at home styling tips for really THICK hair?  I need something to get me through those last few days before my appointment.

Answer:  It sounds like you're looking for a low maintenance style that still looks polished even though you're really "stretching" your hair until you can make it to the salon.  The first thing I would recommend is to make sure your hair is well moisturized.  Natural hair craves moisture, it's especially essential during the summer months and it makes your natural hair easier to manipulate.  Mist your hair with water and seal with a light oil (olive oil or coconut oil) or use a water based moisturizer before creating any of these styles.   Here are a couple of options that I found on Youtube that are simple, can be done on thick stretched (old twist out, old braid out) hair and would look great until you can get into one of our fabulous stylists' chairs.

Check out Charyjay's 5 Minute Updo (the hair tutorial begins at the 1:20 mark)

Or Br0nzeqt's Textured Bun

And if you're really rushed for time but want something fun to do to your hair, check out this style - a new twist on the puff from NikkiMae2003

Please remember that these styles can be modified based on the length of your own natural hair.  Your hair doesn't have to be the length or the thickness of these ladies, add your own twist to it!  I hope this helps!  Check in next week as we address another one of your questions!

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