Sunday, October 16, 2011

Transitioning to Natural Series - Transitioning Hairstyles

During your transition to natural hair it can be very difficult to blend your new naturally curly hair texture with your straight relaxed ends.  Many naturals have the desire to flat iron this hair to blend it.  By using this method however, you can very easily end up with heat damaged hair.  Heat damaged hair will not revert to its naturally curly pattern.  Unfortunately, if your non-chemically processed hair becomes heat damaged, the length that you have acquired will need to be cut when your relaxed ends are eventually removed.

So how can you accomplish a polished look without heat styling to blend the two textures, you ask?  Try a few of the styles selected below:

 Straw Set/Flexi rod Set

Bantu Knots

Two strand twists with extensions

Sew In Weave

Faux Fro
All of these looks can be performed by any of the talented stylists at Taji's Natural Hair Styling.  So if you're at a frustrated point in your transition and you need some help, call us for a free consultation!

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