Sunday, October 23, 2011

Natural Hair & Dating


I recently read the this article in Madame Noire, which is an online black lifestyle guide.  The title of the article was Does Your Hair Play a Part In the Way Men Approach You? (click the link to read the article).  The article discusses how the pick up lines change based on the fact that the author was natural.  Instead of the typical "Hey, ma!"  or "Hey, shawty!" The pick up lines were more in reference to your hair, "I love your fro."  Her premise is that though the lines appear to be more respectful, they were still pick up lines none the less.  My personal opinion:  A pick up line is what it is, a way to get a subject (whether male or female) to drop their guard long enough to get to know more about them.  I would prefer a more respectful pick up line than a disrespectful one any day.  (insert shoulder shrug)

However, I would like to expand more on the topic of dating and natural hair.  How have your romantic interactions been now that you are natural?  Do you feel that you are approached more or less?  Do you (as a woman) find yourself more open to men who wear locs or an afro?  For our men, do you find yourself more attracted to natural haired women?  Why?  What has changed (for both men & women)?

 While you're thinking about your comments, check out this funny Youtube video about some of the stereotypes that are associated with dating a natural haired woman.  Leave a comment below!!!

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