Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh my Loc! - Loc Breakage

After achieving great length with your locs you want to do everything possible to retain their health.  Today we look at another problematic area for loc wearers, loc breakage.

What are some of the causes of loc breakage and what can I do to prevent it?

1.  Too frequent tightening- Your locs should be tightened about once every 4-6 weeks.  We all want our hair to look neat, however, tightening your locs too often can cause your loc to become weak.

2. Frequent tights styles - While it can be understood that you will want to experience all the creative styling options that locs provide,  be careful.  Just as with loose natural hair, styling your hair in creations that are too tight will cause your hair to break.  This is not to say completely eliminate these styles, just utilize them in moderation.

3.  Hair is already in a fragile state- Building hair length on weak strands will not help you sustain long length.  It is always best to remove the weak or fragile hair by cutting it before starting your journey.

What are some of the issues that you experience as a loc wearer?  Leave a concern in the comment section below and we'll answer you there or write a blog post to educate others!

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